We had fun working with mind42 ( http://mind42.com ). It is a very interesting and friendly user Web 2.0 tool. The results are not bad at all.

Our whole project about ecosystems - mind maps using mind42, in a Picasa photo:


Photos of all the ecosystems around us by Greek students in a Picasa album

Περιβαλλ. Εννοιολ.χάρτες mind42

Ecosystems made by Polish students by using Power Point

Forest ecosystem made by Piotr

Forest ecosystem on mind42 by Wojtek K.

Urban ecosystem mind42 by Karol:

Mind map of forest ecosystem by Ania:
Forest ecosystem by Ania

Water ecosystem by Oskar and Tomek D.

Mind map of water ecosystem made by Greek students

Sea ecosystem mind map by Kamil

Wpisz tu zawartość strony.

Kavala's Urban ecosystem mind map by Greek students


Lowland ecosystem mind map by Greek students


Mountainous ecosystem mind map by Greek students (Julie and Nikos)


Cave ecosystem mindmap by Greek student (Katerina)


Turtle mind map by Greek student


Puppies mind map by Greek students